Feb 14, 2018 12:00 PM
Natalia Hoyos Giraldo - RYE

Natalia HOYOS GIRALDO is an Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Cali, Colombia. The Humble Rotary Club will host her during the 2017 2018 school year. She attends Kingwood High School.

Back home in Cali, Natalia has an older brother and her father is Regional Manager South for Multidimensionales S.A... Her mother is an Employees Fund Manager Gases de Occidente S.A.E.S. P... Before coming to Texas for her exchange, Natalia studied English for 5 years. Her school was small with only 1854 students. She lives with her mother, brother and 2 dogs. When she is with her father they enjoy going to cinemas and going to her Grandfather’s farm.

In school she studied math, physics, chemistry, Spanish, English, ethics, and values. One of the things she became interested in through a school project was “The Reality of the Elderly” and focused her attention on ways to help the elderly.

Natalia is a fun loving young lady, able to overcome difficulties. Her goals are to study, become a professional, travel in many parts of the world and of course one day having a family.

This year has been like no other as her new school, Kingwood High School was flooded along with many, many other places in Kingwood and the Houston area. Thankfully her host family’s home was not flooded. Still, her first days in school here were an hours commute away at Summer Creek High School. As good exchange students typically do...she adjusted and adapted to this situation. In this school year, we say all KHS students and teachers are “exchange students” as they must adapt, adapt, adapt.

She has enjoyed her first host family and now resides with her second host family. Her host sister will be an outbound RYE Student to Germany next school year. Certainly the two girls are sharing many ideas, tips, and thoughts about Rotary Youth Exchange.