Feb 07, 2018 12:00 PM
Shaolin Long Janssen - RYE

Shaolin Long JANSSEN is an Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Liege, Belgium. The Humble Rotary Club will host her during the 2017 2018 school year. She attends Kingwood Park High School.

Back home in Liege, Belgium, Shaolin lives with her mother, father, and sister. Her father is a Chief Educator and manages a team of 15 educators. Her mother is a history teacher. Before coming to Texas for her exchange, Shaolin studied English for 6 years and Dutch for 4 years. Her school was small with only 1546 students.

In school she studied math, French, English, Dutch, Latin, geography, history, physical education, physics, chemistry, and biology. In her free time “Sha” really likes sports such as volleyball and walking her dog. Once a year she went snow skiing.

Shaolin is a warm, friendly, resourceful young lady. Her goals are to study especially the sciences and become a perhaps a veterinarian. She has traveled in many parts of Europe, Canada, and the USA before becoming an exchange student.

This year has been like no other as places in Kingwood and the Houston area suffered from the Harvey hurricane and flood. Thankfully her host family’s home was not flooded. She enjoys helping others and looks for service projects to participate in.

She has enjoyed her first host family and now resides with her second host family. Her host sister will be an outbound Short Term RYE Student to Germany this coming summer. Certainly the two girls are sharing many ideas, tips, and thoughts about Rotary Youth Exchange.