December 18, 2015
The US Congress has approved a total of $228 million for the 2016 federal budget to support global polio eradication efforts in continuation of the country’s longstanding leadership in the fight to end polio. The funding represents a $10 million increase over the level of funding provided in fiscal year 2015.
The financial support will aid the continued polio eradication activities of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Agency for International Development, which are working in polio endemic and at-risk countries to eliminate polio, including ongoing efforts to stop wild poliovirus transmission in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The funds will also support essential eradication activities with the target of reaching more than 430 million children who remain at risk for contracting polio in a number of countries, primarily in Africa and Asia.
2015 saw significant progress in polio eradication with Nigeria and the entire continent of Africa passing a year without any new wild polio cases. World Health Organization removed Nigeria from the list of endemic countries. Only Pakistan and Afghanistan have confirmed cases of wild polio this year (66 as of December 18th) and we have seen a 79 percent reduction in cases from the same period of time last year.  
“We’re delighted by the news of the US’s continued financial commitment to a polio free world at this critical time when we are so close to the finish line,” says Rotary Polio Eradication Advocacy Task Force for the United States Chair Jim Lacy. “Congress’ support of polio eradication is a fantastic example of bi-partisan collaboration on an issue of shared concern with concrete results. Members of Rotary clubs throughout the US and globally deeply appreciate the longstanding leadership of the US Government and are proud of the progress achieved through this public-private partnership.”
Contact your Representative and Senator to thank them for supporting the fight to end polio.