Dr. Sara Beck, one of 5 women who produced more than $1 million in Global Grant projects.
Dr. Sara Beck – worked for NASA programming the robotic arms on the space shuttles and space station and was the co-founder of the Central Houston Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB USA). Aerospace engineering degree, University of Colorado, Master’s Georgia Tech and most recently a PhD from Colorado. She is currently conducting water reuse research at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok on a Fulbright Fellowship. As a volunteer with EWB Sara brought the first Grant project to Bill Davis, a water project in San Salvador that Humble Rotary Club headed up. This relationship with Sara ultimately played a role in the development of over $1 million in projects that ultimately happened.
The other four women who have helped produce these grants are Global Scholars Isis Mejias,  Nicole Heydari , Anja Nikolova and  Ali Mondragon.
Sara Beck was the woman who introduced Bill to the Rotary Grant system
This information was shared by Bill Davis, who has participated in the ultimate development of these projects.