Harris County Animal Shelter - Creating a Community of Responsible Pet Owners. Martha Vieco-Garcia
Objective of presentation: Educating members of Humble community about Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services (HCPHES) - Veterinary Public Health division. Goals  and programs to create a safe, healthy and caring environment for animals and people through adoption events and volunteerism.
Veterinary Public Health operates Harris County Animal Shelter and provides animal control services for more than 4 million residents living in unincorporated Harris County, outside the City of Houston. As a municipal shelter, VPH is required to take in a staggering number of animals each year due to strays, abandoned animals and pets surrendered by their owners. More than 26,000 animals come into the shelter every year. To help solve the problem of many unwanted animals, VPH
-encourages responsible pet ownership through community outreach and education, participating in spay and muter programs, partnering with rescue and transfer grqups, and promoting individual adoptions and fostering of our shelter animals.
Martha Vieco-Garcia is the Community Relations Specialist at Harris County Veterinary Public Health. Website Address Visit www.countypets.com for more information