Luis Fernando Stanley Smith is an Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Paraguay which is in South America and is being hosted this year by the Rotary Club of Humble.  Each year Humble Rotary hosts 2 inbound students and finds 2-3 host families for each student to live with during their yearlong stay here in the Humble area.  The students attend a local high school and are enrolled as Juniors.  The objective is for the students to immerse themselves into our culture, be good ambassadors, and promote world peace through their involvement with many, many people and friends.
Luis or “Nando” as he prefers to be called is 16 years old.  Back home in Paraguay his    Dad, Edgar is bank employee, and his Mother, Catherine is a lawyer.  Nando has a brother, Victor is 13.  His family is also hosting a student from France.
Nando’s sport that he likes is basketball.  He also likes reading and likes to study about the environment, watch documentaries about the environment, taking care of natural resources.
He has traveled to Argentina and Brazil before coming to Texas and the USA.      
Nando dislikes dishonest people and show offs.  He does like to be challenged and to learn new things and family life.  He has already studied English for 12 years and is very good even though he is still learning some of our Texas sayings! 
Currently Nando is attending Kingwood High School.  After the school year he plans to take a month long Rotary approved bus tour which will take him coast to coast in the USA.  Then he will return to his home in Paraguay.
Nando, with Texas hat, shares information about Paraguay and his family. Job well done. great sense of humor.