You might recall that the Humble Club led the fundraising which generated $10,000 to assist Nicole’s Master Degree studies at the Diplomatic Academy  in Vienna, the world’s oldest school offering a Master’s Degree in International studies.
She is one of the five women I have referred to who have generated 21 projects around the world with a value in excess of $1.2 million. Nicole spoke at our Foundation Seminar in November 2015 and has spoken at several of our clubs and the R.C. of Vienna.
She has an undergrad degree in International Politics from Georgetown University.
She served two 6 month tours in Kabul Afghanistan with the U.S. International Development Agency for Diplomacy and Defense.
Nicole has lived in France, Germany, Austria and Timor L’este and speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi, Arabic and German.
Nicole is currently awaiting final security clearance to join the FBI.
Bill Davis
Cadre Technical Adviser
The Rotary Foundation