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Happy Mothers Day!
50/50 Winner with Pam: KB Photo Bombing!
Service Above Self! Rescued RYE Student
An exchange student from Chile stops over in Houston for an emergency appendectomy.
Early Sunday morning on May 6 Alan Wylie received a call from Vicky Dilley, a Rotary Youth Exchange friend in Minnesota, advising him that an exchange student from Chile, Isi Tiska, was returning home from Minneapolis to Santiago and had experienced very severe stomach pains on the flight from Minnesota to Houston.
After the flight landed in Houston, United Airlines dispatched her by ambulance to Memorial Herman Hospital near the airport where she underwent successful appendectomy surgery later that day.
After receiving the telephone call that morning, Alan Wylie immediately called Alan and Nancy Jo Derby and Susan Brodbeck who quickly went to the hospital to reassure Isi that she had Rotary friends to rely on.  Susan provided to the hospital the Rotary insurance that Vicky had emailed to us.  Susan and Alan later went to the airport to retrieve Isi’s  three very large and heavy suit cases.  That afternoon, after the surgery, Nick and Fabiola Giannone went to the hospital.  Fabiola, fluent in Spanish, called the parents in Chile to reassure them that Isi was ok and still under the care of Rotary.
Rotarian Vicky Dilley and Kevin Eide, Isi’s last host father in Minneapolis, were an absolute delight to work with over this 36 hour period.  Isi’s parents in Chile were in constant communication via face time.
Isi stayed overnight with Rotarians Joan and Bill Davis on Monday evening.
Isi’s wish was to return home on Tuesday evening and with the blessing of her doctor and parents she embarked on United 847 to Santiago to be met by her brother who lives in Santiago. She will later take the one hour flight to her own home.
And we must thank United Airlines for the way they handled the original situation and the follow up rebooking.
Humble Rotarians, being close to the airport, have often volunteered to provide a home to exchange students who need an overnight home while traveling through Houston.  On this occasion, they really stepped up to the plate.  Thank you to Humble Rotary.
Welcome our Newest Member:
Our New Red Badger Rev. John Soard
Our Raffle Ticket Winners From the Festival
WINNERS of 10 $250.00 GIFT CARDS:
Antoine Douglas – 713-614-1326
Bonnie Gardner -  281-923-3175
Carlos Miller  - 713-254-6849
Susan Dodd – 251-360-5107
Alaina Moss – 832-671-7458
Oran Bain – 832-319-4367
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David Parker – 832-256-2668
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Jon Watson – 832-451-8770
Flag Exchange with Rancho Del Chino!
Isis Mejias and R.I. President Ian Riseley
Humble Area Assistance Ministries Looking for Volunteers
Hi Everyone!
I have a few openings coming up:
HAAM 1 - Memorial
HAAM 2 - Moonshine
HAAM 3 - Beltway
HAAM 4 - Huffman
HAAM 5 - Kingwood
HAAM 6 - Kenswick
Monday, May 14 - HAAM 3 AND HAAM 4
Wednesday, MAY 16 - HAAM 2
Monday, May 21 - HAAM 4
Tuesday, May 22 - HAAM 6
Wednesday, May 23 - HAAM 2, HAAM 4 AND HAAM 6
Thursday, May 24- HAAM 6
Monday, May 29 - HAAM 1 and HAAM 6
Wednesday, May 30 - HAAM 6
Thursday, May 31 - HAAM 6
Friday, June 1 - HAAM 3, HAAM 5 AND HAAM 6
Please let me know if you can work a route. Thank you all so much for making Meals on Wheels run so smoothly!
Rye Students Natalia & Shaolin Leaving Us!
Please mark your calendars and join us at the Airport on these 2 days to send the girls on their way.
Natalia will leave on Sunday June 3rd.
Please gather at IAH Terminal D near Avianca Airline Ticket Counter at 3:00PM  
Her flight AV # 367 to San Salvador leaves at 4:55PM. We will take pictures and say good bye and at 4:00PM Nat will go through security. :(
Shaolin will leave on Wednesday June 6th
Please gather at IAH Terminal D near KLM Airline Ticket Counter at 1:00PM (we may need to leave Humble Rotary meeting a few minutes early)
Her flight KL # 662 to Amsterdam leaves at 3:05PM. We will take pictures and say good bye and at 2:00PM Sha will go through security. :( 
Please mark your calendars NOW so we have a really nice send off for our two outstanding girls!!
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By Eric Lee, a member of the Rotary Club of Cheat Lake, West Virginia, USA Service above self was the underpinning of our aid project for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh this year. The project was a colorful example of how … Continue reading
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