Posted on Apr 12, 2018

  Rebecca is completing third year Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and will attend Cambridge University in the UK where she will take classes in public health policy and economics amongst many other courses.

  Rebecca graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emory University in Atlanta where she studied Anthropology and Human Biology.

  She wrote her eight hour Medical Board exam last month where she scored in the top 1% of all candidates in the U.S. including applicants from outside the U.S. She studied twelve hours/day from January 1 until exam time in March.

  Immediately following her scholarship year she will complete her final year of medical school. During this year she will spend one month in Botswana and one month in Angola working with the Baylor International Pediatric Aids Initiative. In her final year of medical school she will apply for surgical residencies.

  Rebecca is the recipient of a $37,800 Rotary Global Scholarship, tuition alone at Cambridge is $33,000, and wishes to thank all Rotarians for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation which enabled this scholarship.

Her other interests include having been a competitive figure skater where she was a bronze medalist in the national championship in 2008 and a silver medalist in 2009.

Rebecca is a classical pianist.


Pictured right to left Rotarians Mike Kevlin, PDG Bob Gebhard, Rebecca Du, President Alan Derby, Janna Watson and Bill Davis.

Mike, Janna and Bill are the representatives from the International Partner R.C. of Humble.