We were pleased to have our District Leaders come to hear the excellent presentation that Isis presented about the Uganda Water Project. This is a project that is impacting more than 5,000 lives and has an investment of more than $300,000. Bill Davis played an important role in raising money for this project, Pictured above are the following, left to right:
Sandy Liu, Past R.I. Director and Treasurer from Gulfway Hobby Andy Smallwood, Rotaractor from River Oaks Crystal Lopez, Eric Liu, Global Scholar to Geneva and Rotaractor from River Oaks Daniella Romero, DG Nominee from North Shore Bill Palko, Bill Davis, Terry Ziegler, Isis Mejias, PDG from Pasadena Bob Gebhard, President of West U Greg Faldyn, Future DG from University Area Carmen Cunio, PDG from Space Center Suzi Howe